Arequipa - World Facts Index. - Complete guide to Arequipa.

Arequipa Linda - Videos.

Arequipa, Peru - Presented by Enjoy Peru Travel.

Earthquake - Photos of Arequipa's cathedral towers at the moment they were being destroyed by the quake of June 2001.

Macchu Pisco - A childhood dream comes true for Melanie Asher, Peruvian entrepreneur.

Arequipa, the White City -

Peru: A Photographic Journey - Photos by Twila Bing, 1997.

El Misti - Experts fear an eruption.

TrekEarth - Arequipa photos.

Santa Catalina Monastery - Opened to the public in 1970.

Living in Peru - News and features "for foreigners living in Peru."

Peace Corps Online - Peru. - Peruvian news and features in Spanish and English.


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