Clorinda Málaga de Prado

(Urbanización Independencia)

Road to Clorinda | The bus heading back to Arequipa (Clorinda is atop hill upper left)

Main Street (note construction use of sillar, the white volcanic rock for
which Arequipa is called "the White City") | Looking toward Arequipa
in valley from my house in Clorinda

Clorinda restaurant | Little girls selling unfermented chicha (see recipe link below)

Hermenegildo Cruz and family | Me, Jorge Cárdenas (on my left), and other neighbors

More kids with chicha | Clorinda woman doing laundry in nearby canal

Local workers building Clorinda medical post
(My house is in right-center background)

The roofing of the medical post, which was built with help of
matching funds from a U.S. Navy Band concert in Peru

Peruvian First Lady Clorinda Málaga de Prado,
with President Manuel Prado and the Kennedys
(I met the Prados in 1966 as part of a delegation
from the barriada bearing Clorinda's name)

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