"Nazi vampires are the worst!"

So says jungle explorer Hi Hickenlooper, whose perilous task is to help track down and destroy these literally bloodthirsty fascists, still plotting to conquer the world, in . . .

Night of the Dragon's Blood

a comic horror story by Ronald L. Ecker (writing as William Pridgen), published by Hodge & Braddock, Publishers.

It's 1952, and Hi has a personal stake, so to speak, in trying to do in the vampires, based somewhere in the Amazon rain forest. For his old flame Eva Perón, who the world thinks has died, is actually a vampire, having left her husband Juan Perón to take up--now much to her regret--with the Nazis' vampire leader, none other than Adolf Hitler.

"Falling for Adolf was the mother of all mistakes."--Eva Perón

Hi and Evita were lovers in her pre-Juan days, and Hi has never gotten over her. Now she's a virtual captive of Hitler, and Hi is determined to save her--there's a vampire cure in the works--while destroying Hitler and his bloodsucking cronies.

It all adds up to a fast and funny adventure that grabs you from the opening scene in a wartime Transylvanian castle.

"Colorful, . . . campy."--Publishers Weekly

"Funny. . . . Don't cry for Evita Perón, Argentina. She's found a happy ending here."--Cathy Krusberg, The Vampire's Crypt

The hard copy edition of Night of the Dragon's Blood is out of print, but click here to read the revised online edition.

Night of the Dragon's Blood

Hodge & Braddock, Publishers

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