Peace Corps Volunteers
Arequipa, Peru

Mike Bailis

Louise Baldinger

Richard Baldinger

Carole Bedford

Jerry Brown

Denise Cavanaugh

Jackie Chandler

Arleen Colson

Peggy Cooper

Dave Dale

Henry Dietz

Terry Dolan

Ron Ecker

Doug Eichhorn

Jim Firth

Marilyn Firth

Linda Fuson

Mike Gontesky

Charlene Gregg

Jeanne Hanna

Gayle Harrison

Mary Hennessey

Jerry Hodge

Earl Jones

Patsy Jones

Bob Kussman

Ralph Laird

Janice Lanik

Vicki Latham

Barbara Mainster

Paul Mainster

Ed Mazria

Marcia Mazria

Steve McCutchen

Chuck Miles

Phyllis Miller

Bob Norris

Judy Olsen

Jim Olson

Sue Olson

Pat Quinn

Paul Raftenberg

Maurie Rasmussen

Dick Rossignol

Jan Schaeffer

Allen Scult

Sandy Silverman

Gwen Simpson

Fred Smithson

Joanne Steidl

Dan Wallace

Sue Waller

Tom Waller

Cecily Watson

Sally Winters

Mike Wolfson


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